See or Call your dealer for more information on this program.

This program is designed by U.S. Tractor & Harvest. New service technicians will qualify for our Tool Cost Sharing Initiative after a 90 day probationary period. Afterwards, a dollar amount (defined by U.S. Tractor & Harvest) will be reimbursed to technicians for personal work tools they have bought. The reimbursement periods happen quarterly, and U.S. Tractor & Harvest maintains the ability to define how much reimbursement is given to an employee per quarter. Paid receipts are necessary for reimbursements to be approved. The program lasts for five years, and you must be employed with U.S. Tractor & Harvest during that time in the service technician sector. This program does not include a payback provision. For more information, please call U.S. Tractor & Harvest for more information.